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We are a family-owned business with over three generations involved in the farm and dairy. We take pride in milking dairy cows and raising crops to feed them. Our business has been running in Southern Idaho for more than 40 years. Being hands-on everyday allows us to provide the best possible animal care. Because every cow has an impact on our livelihood, their heath is our biggest concern which is why each cow has their own, detailed record that is individually monitored.


Our commitment to the dairy industry is to provide the highest quality milk and dairy products. 


Luis & Sharon Bettencourt

Luis was born on the Azores Islands of Portugal in 1957. As the youngest of 4 children, he was raised on the islands of Sao Jorge and Fial before moving to the United States in 1969 when he was 11. Living near Turlock, California, he worked on several dairy farms with his father before deciding to move to Idaho in 1982 and start his own dairy farm. He had 17 cows and a goal to expand to 1,000. Within the first 6 months, he'd already grown to 130 cows, and that number grew to 900 by 1985. 

Luis has been an Idaho dairymen for almost 40 years now and currently has 60,000 cows, 62,000 replacement heifers and 12,500 acres of farm ground to feed them. He attributes his success to many things, but mostly to his everyday involvement in the business and his family's support and commitment to the industry with him. Both him and his wife, Sharon, have been actively involved, day in and day out, to assure their business is running as efficiently as possible. They understand they wouldn't be where they are today without the continuous hard-work and dedication of their nearly 500 employees.

Luis and Sharon have been together for more than 20 years and have 4 wonderful children. Luis' daughter, Jennifer, owns a salon and works as a Masseuse and Esthetician in Wendell. Her husband, Cody, manages the farm and irrigation and together they have 2 children, Bailey and Jaxon. Sharon's oldest daughter, Kelsey, runs trucking and chopping businesses with her husband, Talyn, in nearby Hagerman and they have 3 children, Harper, Hayes, and Hunter. Sharon's younger daughter, Megan, lives in Meridian and is a Registered Dental Hygienist. Her husbamd, Zach, is a Commercial Insurance Agent at Post Insurance and they recently welcomed their son, Kepa, in October of 2023. Luis and Sharon's son, Antonio, lives in Wendell and is working at the dairy under Martin. 

All of the kids have worked on the dairy or in the office at one point or another. Learning what it takes to run the business. Luis and Sharon have always advocated the importance of education and independence. They've helped their children grow in immeasurable ways and are proud of what each of them have accomplished. 


Jennifer & Family

Kelsey & Family

Megan & Family


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